Cancelled startup of pso2updater.exe. The file will not be updated.

Unfortunately, I can't get the game's launcher to work. I installed the game from the store, then as soon as I managed to see the main launcher screen, I got error 1813. After following the instructions in this post, I managed to get past error 1813, but now I'm getting this error:

alt text

My Windows 10 is updated to the latest version, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Microsoft Store, as well as all the Xbox apps, I've already tried restarting my PC, my GPU drivers are up-to-date, but nothing works.

same here.... may just this game suck

same here, that sucks. cant solve it

I found an solution for this prob. There was a "mutablebackup" folder under the mutable folder in windowsapp. I deleted all that was inside except "win32" ( somehow couldnt delete it, tried hard ) and then uninstalled again and re downloaded again. Now the error didnt occur and the launcher is open and im patching. Now I went to the mutable folder and clicked on every new data that came into the folder with "take ownership" ( with that one app ) and that seems to work.

how can I unistall this?

OMFG about a day trying to install and play an now works with that!!! Dude I love u 😃

@Majosami Your instructions did get me into the game and to character creation, so thank you very much! It remains to be seen if everything else will work fine, but things are looking promising, and the fact that I'm past that error at least makes me so relieved.

Can anyone tell me how to uninstall and re install the game without having to manually delete the folders, since if I do that afterwards when I try to re download it gives some MS error. Also could you explain in a little more details what did you exactly do?


Guys i've had this error a couple times, it's anoying to uninstall and re install almost every week to play the game :C they should fix this. I think it happens whenever they update/patch the game