[CAN'T INSTALL] ''Try again later something happened on our end.''

So I've tracked the Microsoft Gaming Service which PSO2 depends on and installs first if not installed. Using PowerShell to remove it and try again still doesn't work so trying to figure out why the windows service won't start.

I fixed my issue after I discovered it was having problems creating its cache data under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsApps.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows permissions had gotten screwed up at one point and so SYSTEM didn't have access. I fixed the owner and permissions back to what they should be and it will now launch and is able to create its cache data.

@TripLSupreme what did you set the owner to?

wish i had known befor know that windows 10 dosnt auto back up like previous versions well rip me

@GuyTheStampede GamingService runs as SYSTEM so you need that to have full access to ‪C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsApps

I believe the following permissions are correct

Owner: Administrators
Other permissions
SYSTEM Full Control
Administrators Full Control
Users Read & Execute, List Folder contents, Read
Everyone Read & Execute, List Folder contents, Read

Had this issue that was being caused by a bad RAM stick that corrupted the MS store. (Found by memtesting each stick separately). after pulling that one and a windows reset (The middle ground between reinstall and a restore point). I am now patching

I had this same issue... Turns out that I saw the microsoft store service running in the background awhile ago and was like 'lolplz' and disabled it along with all the xbox gaming services. Re-enabling them fixed it for me 🙂

You can say a lot of things about Microsoft but you can't deny their continuous innovation in unhelpful error messages.