help with bingo card

hello fellow members!!! hope everyone is enjoying the new event cause i am!! i need help with the bingo card if anyone can help me figure this out that would be awesome!! sooo im just missing two more stamps but i dont know where to go to do the objective these are the two. the first is a client order but i cant find it its called the purple flower that blooms in the rain and the second one is survey the condition of the trees....... someone please help!!!!!

@Zero-Beat-Banjo well one is a urgent Quest. Idk about the other im stuck too.

The Purple Flowers one will likely only unlock after you turn in the one that requires you to run the Rain and Wind UQ.

@Craftier45 which one is the urgent quest?

@Love-Lucky-777 Gone With the Wind & Rain is the urgent quest. The schedule is here.

thank you so much! if anyone knows about the other please lmk asap! =D

Hi there,

Just completed the EQ! So, the process:

  • Collect all orders from Xia (June Bride) upstairs in the Shopping Area,
  • Await the emergency EQ for Naverius - Forest,
  • Complete the EQ and one of Xia's Client Orders, 'Survey the Condition of the Trees' will be completed,
  • Speak to Xia to hand in the quest, and the final order will be available to accept, called 'The Purple Flower that Blooms in the Rain'.
  • Defeat Frog Rappies, and some will drop Purple Flowers. Collect 5, and quest complete! Speak to Xia.

Kyu-kyuu! Hope this helps! 😛


How did you complete the EQ? I've tried twice but the schedule was either wrong or they didn't setup the event yesterday. I had planned to try for the one at 11PM tonight but didn't want to stay up after yesterday's didn't show up.

@Kuroda-Tsu The UQ should show up in the unscheduled rotation, as far as I am aware.

Hey, what time zone is that chart in? 9pm on Thursday could be any time zone. So could miss out.

@ShibbyGuy1 On the chart it is stated right at the top of the time column "Time (PDT)".

@AndrlCh Ah, weird. It shows on the schedule for 9PM PDT (11PM) tonight, but we just had a mining defense and that's not on the schedule. Doesn't seem like the released schedule is very helpful. Yesterday at 8PM PDT is shows "Gone With the Wind and Rain" but it was elder.

@Kuroda-Tsu Aside from the scheduled urgent quests, random urgent quests happen now and then. The Mining Base Defense just finished was such a random one.

EDIT: The yesterday's Gone With the Wind & Rain not happening as scheduled (replaced with Elder) was an unusual case. That shouldn't happen 😕

@Fiona-Respha ok, thanks for that. Sorry to be such a pain about it. Just not wanting to get stuck. Work 15 hours shifts for the next 3 days so hopefully I can catch the Saturday night or Monday one.