[Ship 3] Ironbloods - (Old Thread, remade for NGS)

Bump for patch day, what wonders will today bring I wonder?

Also looking to clean house soon of some inactives. To try and keep this alliance managed.

All tree levels are 4 now. Working towards 5!

Fresh bump for continued recruitment and re-organisation.

Bump on that New Genesis hype, also got a officer on trial today, finally. 😛

Bump to celebrate Steam release, got a few together to do the beach event was fun! Upgraded the tree to 3/5 level 5's and changed to try out the Tokyo scene in the HQ.

Bump, triggers tonight, should be fun. 😄

Bump, been enjoying episode 4 so far. 😄

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite Alliance in PSO2.

@Kapnobatai86 said in [Ship 3] Ironbloods - A social casual oriented Alliance to kick back and make friends:

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite Alliance in PSO2.

Indeed, Kapno. I'm pleased to hear it and I hope others consider us too. 😄

Bump all tree levels at 5 now. Activity is now lightly monitored but not to a strict standard, just to help maintain a busier environment.


Got a bumper update for this one. So sit back for this one, i'm trying to make my updates/bumps more interesting for you readers.

Fashion contest: Ironbloods held it's first of hopefully many to come fashion contests this week with some wonderful entries, but there could only be 1 winner among the crowd and through some long and hard work among our judges, we came to a conclusion. The winner taking home a sweet bag of meseta, without further ado I present to you the winner and the 2 players who came up close behind them!


Trigger runs: We also held the first of our official trigger runs as an alliance, we've had them in the past but they've been mostly impulsive so we decided to put a day down to actually sit and crank some out. It went really well and got quite noisy. We all had fun though, bosses were slain, Most of all we showed a bit of that rappy spirit we know you all love in the universe of Phantasy Star.


Of course after a bit of rappy fun we decided to round it off with a good phantasm run as normal before closing off the run.


That's all for now in our bumper bulletin.

Another information bump of things

We're currently undertaking the first of hopefully many Meseta Lotto's which will allow our members to earn a part of an alliance funded pot to not only give back more than they put in if they win, but also fund further events within the alliance. This is to give our members more to look forward to.

The other is our upcoming second trigger run this weekend. Sign-up systems are getting more cleaner and we're aiming to get them done and as fun as the last one.

Fun shenanigans in the alliance forest this last week too. A few of us by chance encounter tried out the forest backdrop for the alliance HQ and resulted in some fun moments. Credit of image goes to my officer Setsuna.


Update time!

Our first meseta Lotto went off with success, the winner receiving a grand total of 2 million meseta and the remaining going into a pot for the next and current event which is a symbol art creation content to work on some art for our alliance to use in the Alliance headquaters. We also enjoyed seeing what was to offer from the upcoming NG stream and had a good chat about it. Really looking forward to diving into it down the line.

I look forward to meeting some new sign-ups soon! I'd also like to add that we take visphone sign-ups!

Hi, hello, is this thing on? alrighty then.

A bit of an update regarding things as we've not been here and updated in a while. Currently going through some mop up and restructuring of the alliance to go forward. Still focus on what we provide, a free, fun, explorative environment for folks to enjoy the game. Just over time we've slowly back-logged a bit of inactivity and decided to clean that up finally.

We also had the Halloween fashion content which went quite well, had a few entries and folks did a fantastic job there. Tried out a new public voting system and it seemed to go down quite well.

As always, looking forward to hearing from you all.