[Ship 3] Ironbloods - (Old Thread, remade for NGS)

Sure i'll have a chat with you over on discord. 🙂

I would like to join, a casual alliance sounds perfect for me. My Discord is Setsuna #6923 if you still have room.

Sorted these still room sitting around. 😄

Bump, we're getting fairly close to the 40 mark now. Still a pretty enjoyable bunch. Hoping to investigate the idea of some other event type stuff eventually. That and get some ultimate quest groups going.

Bump, added a 18+ requirement as per discussion with the Alliance.

Still seeking members? Would definitely be interested in joining.

Yup I've gone ahead and pm'd you.

I've been looking for a casual alliance, so if you're still looking for members, contact me.

Sounds good, will get in touch. 😄

Bumpity bump

Bump for steady growth as we move past the initial rush of pc release.

Hey @Nerzarn, I'm interested in the alliance can I contact you on discord?

Send those details to ya. 🙂 cheers for contacting!

Bump still going. Had been awol the last days due to pc works and reinstalling the game. But all good now!

Another bump! Almost level 4 with all tree perks now.