[Ship 3] Ironbloods - (Old Thread, remade for NGS)

Sent you a request! Will chat there soon!

By any chance there's a slot?

Yeah, a couple more before I go on recruitment hold for a couple of weeks to let the current members settle and for me to start laying out plans for the Alliance going forward as PC players start getting into it. 🙂 Feel free to drop me a forum mail to chat there, exchange discords etc or send a request in-game to join!

Hello, I am interested in joining you guys. I Played on the JP Version before we got a NA release.

Currently a 41 RNG, but plan to level everything. I'm on often with the exception of a few weekday evenings as I have other group activities I participate in.

I am just looking for a group of people to play with and have fun, don't want my only party members to be NPCs

Discord: Fuzzyface#7041

Yup sounds grand! Saw you sent an app in-game already. So accepted that.

About 2 slots left after those above me in the thread before I halt recruitment and restrict it to friends of Alliance members only for a bit.

I'm also looking for an alliance. I started playing on PC recently and wanted a group to quest with. Looking to see if I can possibly join. Discord is Exio#4786

Well, I'm re-installing the game. After I restarted my laptop game was trying to patch pso2 JP. I was unable to change it back T_T

Is the recruitment still locked on this alliance?

Yes, it'll likely be for a couple of weeks while I give members some time to interact, for me to manage and organise things a bit before I think about opening up another 20ish or so slots. I'd say try with Sanctuary, or Second Story who are other alliances on Ship 3 who seem to have similar goals. 🙂 Still we don't mind interactions for later down the line when we reopen recruitment.

@Kholdmire said in [Ship 3] Ironbloods (Recruitment locked, Alliance friends only) - A social casual oriented Alliance to kick back and make friends:

Well, I'm re-installing the game. After I restarted my laptop game was trying to patch pso2 JP. I was unable to change it back T_T

Shame about the issues Kholdmire, generally there's a few ways to keep odds minimal, using the tweaker, using the drive you have the Windows OS on, etc. Try some of those around. I'll pm you to the discord as well just in case you want more support there to get yourself back on. 🙂

Extremely interested in joining once the recruitment lock is lifted.

Reopened recruitment as of this morning so feel free to contact me again going forward for a while.

General updates are as follows: Alliance headquaters is coming along, the tree is steadily being ramped up to provide an increasing level of benefits, also figured out how to change the scenery. Looking pretty nice.

Discord side has been expanded to include UQ announcements and posting of some key news articles. Members sharing guides and technical support as well.

Group content is still going strong and still encouraged as well as continued support for newcomers now we've had a bit of time to play the game.

Hello, I have a few friends (anywhere from 2 to 5 people total - numbers are a bit in flux because we have people having difficulties getting on and others that are split between this and DOTA) that are interested in joining an alliance together. Would you happen to have that many slots available?

EDIT: If you do, please contact me on discord, Verd#4692 . Thanks!

Sent, i'll chat to you on discord, got a fair bit of open space for now. 🙂

Le bumpity bump.

Me and three friends are in an alliance right now and I'm looking to possibly join a more populated one with them. Always better to make more friends haha 😃 I'll talk with them about it but in the mean time would you guys have room for us?

Edit: My discord is Loki#1973