[Ship 3] Ironbloods - A social casual oriented Alliance to kick back and make friends

Hello folks,

Ironbloods is aimed to be a newblood friendly Alliance, with an emphasis on Social interaction and just having fun with the game together. I'm generally carrying over my role from leadership in other officers and applying it to running an alliance here in PSO2. We'll help out with any queries you've got getting to grips with the game, helping to make new friends and quest buddies as well as look at more end-content in a casual fun manner. Those from the JP version of the game are also welcome to provide a hand. We're working hard on building out foundation up for best of those who join us. There may even be possible events down the line if interest is there, be they of fun nature of just encouraging various types of group content.

The kind of folks we'd love to have are learning the game, those with a bit of expertise who are willing to provide advice as long as you bring a good friendly attitude and make the game a more enjoyable community experience for us as an alliance.

A couple of extra things about us and what we're looking for:

Alliance Level: 5

Main Class: Any

Timezone: Any

Playstyle: Casual

Other: 18+ Alliance

We have a discord, use isn't required, but I'll generally post useful information and links there, I will try to pass this info in-game however I can too.

If you're interested in that feel free to hit me up or any other names below.

-Mitzukii Hoshi

(Will edit in other contacts as I expand the officer roster)

Look forward to meeting you in-game!

Hey there Iโ€™m looking for a good tight knit alliance, none of my friends play so Iโ€™m all alone and itโ€™s so boring by myself! Iโ€™ll be on tomorrow around 5 or 6pm Central and would love to talk

Hey there I'm interested in a new good group for new players like me and I have no friends who play so I'm all alone I will be on all day and it would be nice to talk

Hey both, I'll send you internal forum pm's to chat more. I'm going to edit the post a bit later today to clear some information up in terms of timezones, playstyles etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

as I'm looking for both players US and EU side as a fair mixture of both timezones. As to support the idea of those on irregular ideas in both regions as well. Essentially two groups if you will that can cross over from time to time. Have a few US friends myself joining.

The foundation of our alliance is starting to come along, been building up slowly and getting close to the 10 members mark. Some of us grouped up and did some of the events yesterday. Was good fun! Hopefully keep this momentum going. Don't hesitate to message me through the forums for more information too!

Capped off the level 5 alliance limit and went above the 10 member mark. Another good day. More opportunities. Looking on working on our quarters and doing up the tree for those Alliance wide benefits very soon!

Currently hit 12 members and unlocked the Alliance bank for you premium users. Working on the accessories now, then it's onto growing that tree for those buffs.

Hey! Would love to join and already sent a message

That's great, i'll chat with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Edit: In-game Chat issues seem resolved now.

Just a couple of updates:

Might be putting a temporary cap on recruits around the 25-30 mark. Currently on 15 + 1 alt. This is to push towards engagement between members and opportunity for players to get to know one another. This may be raised to 50 at a later date.

Made a couple of edits to the OP.

A lot of our members are getting into the mid-later part of the levelling of their first character now. so more top end content and general support for members will likely be available within the next couple of weeks.

Heyya, been looking for a chill alliance and I'm interested in joining for the all experiences! SEA player btw, hope y'all don't mind ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Discord ษŒเธ„เน“ั”เธ #6467

  • Class: Ranger (49)

  • Character: Ramen AI

I'd love to join this alliance if there's any room left.

@Nerzarn Looks like your alliance is perfect for me and my group of new players. Please let me know if you have room for 4-5 more friendly peeps who want to learn the game with you guys.

Yeah we've got room. I'll go around sorting the invites tommorow. @Iron-Woodsman do you have a character name/ID you can PM me please? Same for you @Solex . I'll grab Ramen on discord. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey this seems to be great alliance. I am interested in joining, here is my discord: HolyWanderer#2159