How many people managed to actually play the PC version thus far?

@Aviarei Maybe this part is from Sega servers so the slowness would be understandable, unlike the same issue we have on the Microsoft Store for the first 11GB. I'm trying to DL the installer and I am still shy of 9GB after FOUR hours and 4 retries (DL errors) and I'm doing that on a 100Mbps link 😞

@Utahime39 I was lucky in that I ran the microsoft store 11GB download before I went to bed last night at around 2 in the morning, so if that's a hurdle for people at this point I'm glad I jumped it before things got rough... I think my internet is just slow but I wouldn't be surprised if it's just the sheer congestion of so many downloads...!

@Aviarei It's definitely the congestion, I had up to 76MBps DL speed at some point from the store, but it went down pretty fast after a few GB of DL

@Aviarei Is getting past the install/play or Get button from the Microsoft Store just a matter of luck?

2330 yesterday "Problem on our end, try again later.", "There Was An Error".... 12AM, 1AM, 2:30AM, 1200-1530 today "Problem on our end, try again later."

@Nersius It might be! I just set it to download and went to bed, then started the download on the launcher this morning before work - I didn't have any issues with the microsoft store download it seems, but I don't really know why!

I was able to download the game with relative ease & I've been able to play (though there is clear lag). I did play on the Xbox Beta, so that may have made the MS Store issues less of an issue for me as I was able to just install it from my library.

However, the current MS Store issues are not exclusive to PSO2 - took me HOURS yesterday to get Minecraft Dungeons downloaded from there, same issues as reported for PSO2. The same the day before for Halo.

MS Store have clearly dropped the ball.

I was on earlier. Had a great time figuring out why shadowplay didn't work in full-screen mode and why the game doesn't have an option to support resolutions past 1080p. Then for seemingly no reason the game wouldn't launch and then the game kept installing things on drives that shouldn't have one PSO2 file when I went to re-install. Now I'm going to do other things while I watch this dumpster fire burn.

Finally got it working after what felt like forever.. I installed into into my 😧 drive instead of 😄

I can get in but get constant error 630. Once finally completing the tutorial after the constant dcs the main ship has such bad FPS that I've lost interest in playing until there's a fix or the servers die down. I literally can't stomach how choppy and laggy it is.

@LilPika you sure got triggered hard and further show, how you talk bullshit to defend your beloved game. and again, no error appears, when i click on install, nothing happens, i cant choose where to download. also theres nothing wrong with my pc or how i installed windows, its simply microsoft store thats crap. and again, nothing wrong with permissions. i already found that out before too and looked things up and changed it, it didnt help. and many who said the same thing, that it didnt help, so stop with your lies how it helped everyone else, when it didnt. its clear you arent even trying to help and just cry around, so just play it and dont cry at everyone who doesnt like this stupid crap they did here.

I'm able to play for a little while at a time, often 40 minutes to maybe a little over an hour, but then I face a reoccurring issue with no clear solution: "Unknown Error: NP1014". This error will also come with the game crashing.

It pops up even if I just leave it on the title screen or ship select screen. I can at least attempt to do missions before it hits me but being crashed in the middle of a boss fight is a bit of a let down.

A few topics exist for this error already, so I'm not the only one having it. I just hope as much as possible can be fixed, as small as that hope is. Those sessions of gameplay before crashing were actually really fun...

Literally 8 hours now trying to figure out "Failed to download the latest version." I've tried everything. Is it a storage issue perhaps?

nice job i downloaded the entire game and before i could play i unnistalled it F*** microsoft store dude when i played JP version it was 10 times easier to play

I was able to launch it, but as of 20 minutes ago, the launcher won't even start.