How many people managed to actually play the PC version thus far?

@LilPika sometimes when you quit the game it apparently deletes the .exe and then the game just wont launch at all. and you need to redownload the entire 60gb also the files get installed to a predetermined, hidden directory in your pc(which you also have no administrative access to by default). Players are having issues and please don't try to play it off. All these issues should've been adressed and fixed during Closed beta., but apperently its not.

@ZeeeMeee Thanks for the input. I am aware of the issue with permissions as I have helped a number of people get the game working already.

As he says in that video "Things go wrong with MMO launchs" He's right there.

I have also never once said they don't have issues. I am saying they're not the norm. It sucks, sure. But I have helped a good number of people fix the permissions issue already by taking ownership of the directories and using the Update Assistant.

if a fresh windows doesn't work,another case to look into would be along the line of net/firewall problems that you can look into 😢

Me and one of my friends is. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to take all those screenshots of how full all 90+ blocks of SHip 3 are.

I had to reinstall from the ground up, as Avast literally yeeted the first exe and broke gameguard. After that I got on fine though. I know a good few are having issues though, but as more figure it out, it's busying up that's for sure.

maybe we can get everyone that played jp version to get their old friends from the jp version to help us flood our ships to force new ships 🙈

i do hope they add a way to direct download the game sooner or later though

@HallowFang72 its still miday or late afternoon for some people. So probably after every finished work for the day the servers will surge.

I managed to get in after a few tries. I just had to randomly uninstall things until nProtect wouldn't auto kill the game.

@metafalica1 Like them pesky hacking tools, eh? 😉

I jest.

I am currently playing,it plays great when you cna actually get into it...

@HallowFang72 Please tell me you have not downloaded all the updates? If not, see just how far back you are able to revert your version.

A lot of systems (esp NVIDIA ones) developed micro-stutter issues on versions after, but not including, 1607. Other than that, to get rid of auto-downloading casual games and whatnot, search Google to make the requisite registry edits.

You used to be able to use TB.RG to get older Windows ISOs w/ official Microsoft links, but everything pre-1800 seems to be gone now.

Played for a bit, sad my boyfriend and some of my alliance members and friends have been struggling with the MS Store. A lot of them feel like PC should of had a beta if things were going to be this bad, and I really don't blame them.

I can't even buy AC right now either through the MS Store. I never realized how bad the store really is, until now.

Despite all settings being set to D drive for downloads, this game, and only this game, on the Microsoft will not register that any other drives are available on my computer other than my C drive. I expected no less from an 8 year wait.

@Invexus I'm getting the same problem, still trying to solve it.

@Update, If you go into Windows+I, Into System - Storage, 'Change where New Content is saved'.

If you get an Error of 'There are Apps stored it will have to delete'

Goto your Harddrive and if you have a folder Called WindowsApps. Just Rename it and add WindowsAppsOld. then reapply. and you're golden.

OK, I'm done, I've tried reinstalling several times on different drives, triple checked region settings, Windows Version 0.0.18362 Build 18362, and this shit simply doesn't work. How can they fail this badly to port an 8 year game TO THE SAME PLATFORM? It's made even better that it's a new error every time.

Their support is dead, social media is hyping a game no one can get into, and MS Store doesn't help troubleshooting either. PSO2 in the west was definitely a Monkey Paw wish...

Error Obtaining Latest Version

Failed to download file. Unable to successfully update to the latest version. Please check to see if the file is read-only. C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Mutable\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j\pso2.exe [No.104]