How many people managed to actually play the PC version thus far?

I've been playing for the last 12 hours, without any issue apart from the expected lag.

Back again after the slow drip initial download - played for a good long while (wading through the lobby slideshow) and then it suddenly quit. Now running a repair. We'll see how it goes in about an hour.

Yea, I was doing an urgent quest with the giant space boss, then the game would just keep crashing every time I tried to load into that specific zone, so I had to repair. Fortunately, I got a high end PC and fast connection, so it only took me 18 minutes, but I missed out on all the exp. I can see this being a much bigger annoyance for the average person who has a lesser connection and PC.

I started the download on release day, went to work, launched the game at lunch to get any updates and by the time I was home from work it's been smooth sailing ever since.

It's a shame that there are launch issues, hopefully they get everything sorted soon as I know a lot of people are eager to play this game. (The sooner the better, as the longer it's broke the more likely we'll lose potential players.)

I downloaded it day 1, took me 1 day to make the game work because of error 104 and 1803 and it was good for me basically i had no problem and i play from France so yeah. I'm still waiting for ship 4 possible launch because i want to have less lag and a fresh start because that sounds interesting.

7th times a charm? Got an external 128GB drive, allotted 83GB (3 above the last reported minimum 80) in partition space just for the game, and it still didn't have enough room.

So a reformat later and I'm taking a new approach: I created an expanding virtual NTFS disk that caps out at the drive's capacity limit, and turned that into a storage space. Hopefully that gives it enough room on the drive to install, whilst still allowing me to use this drive with Mac & other OSes (I also made an expanding virtual APFS drive as well. So I can have my 128GB APFS partition, and have my 128GB NTFS partition too).

If this game still needs more room than 128GB so help me... I might as well give up at that point.


Sega, please. Just give us the multiplatform cloud version (It exists, don't say it doesn't. It's listed on the JP PSO2 help page)... Enough with this pain. orz

I had some weird shit happen earlier. I tried to launch the game and it wouldn't. I went to the pso2_bin folder and had to change permissions again. Then after that, everything in the pso2_bin folder deleted and reinstalled itself. I'm using the tweaker now and it's been good so far. I wanna know the geniuses behind the MS store so I can take notes on what not to do when making a distribution platform.