How many people managed to actually play the PC version thus far?

its pathetic how some fanboys want to defend this kind of stupidity and say, only "some" people have some trouble. while not just here but many sites are flooded with people having trouble not being able to even install or download it. no matter if the most have no problem, its obvious that far too many do have a problem, so dont try to defend them. it is their fault for being so stupid to release it over microsoft store, one of the dumbest ideas ever, and especially not even testing it before. there are so many other, much easier ways for it.

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I can't find the download button, keeps taking me to Microsoft Store.. but no button available. Could it be because I'm fromt he UK?

did you switch to US store?

@Kizaru84 the first 2 hours trying to install it flooded me with atleast 6 different errors that i fixed one by one till finally hitting a dead end,resulting in a fresh reboot. a half hour of that was trying to look for direct downloads of the game 😊 so yeah...not a lot of people would do what i had to do.

@ZeeeMeee Sounds to me like a dodgy, screwed with windows install to start with. Dunno man, all I can tell you is that my install of windows 10 I've been running since launch has had no problems.

and my problem is, i cant install and download it. i switched regions and all that crap, i was able to "buy" it, it says i own the game, but nothing happens when i click on install/play. and on the "..." symbol and then on "install on my device", then it says i dont have a proper device on the account, which i have. i looked up everything, also found that microsoft store always gave trouble to people trying to download games and tried these advices too. so no matter what, its definitely not our fault here, they fucked it up and still didnt fix it.

@Kizaru84 So are we angry that all the servers are reaching capacity and we want server 4 already or are we angry that all the PC players can't get on and they're all quitting?

Which is it? I think you need to decide before I can make up my mind on how hard to roll my eyes.

Yeah people are having problems. In a day or two you'll have forgotten about this. Just like every single other MMO pretty much ever.

To fix your install problem: Update your windows to latest and then refresh the install. It won't delete your data. Next time don't screw with your file\folder permissions.

@HallowFang72 the problem is, i dont even get any errors, absolutely nothing happens at all, so i dont know whats the problem and i definitely wont reboot everything new just for a game. if it wasnt on this crap store, a reboot wouldnt even be needed.

I literally downloaded the client when the servers dropped for maintenance. Installed it and everything worked fine. Got as far as the ships since the servers were down for maintenance. 8am came and I logged on with zero issues. Idk what happened after 8:10am.

@Kizaru84 yeah i keep everything important on a few different drives so a reboot was the quickest and easiest answer for me,honestly ive been using windows 7 until last week when i heard this was going to be windows 10 only.

....i miss windows 7 already.

@LilPika more like getting angry that your beloved game isnt doing as great as you want and dont like, that many people have a problem here. and read carefully and see, its not about "servers reaching capacity", its about the install and download not working at all. also dont try to defend this stupidity with a lie that "every single mmo" was like that. there were some who gave a much smaller trouble, but most didnt give any trouble at all. that the servers reached capacity is also another stupid mistake, but releasing it over microsoft store is even dumber. and they topped it all with not testing it at all before. also as already said, i did everything. windows is updated and i didnt do anything with the permissions, nor should that be any problem anyway.

The way they've been treating PC players is a joke tbh.

@HallowFang72 the problem is, i also already heard that for some people, who completely rebooted windows new, it still didnt work. thats why i dont want to do that, if its not sure it will help.

I was able to play until I went off. Tried going back in then I got a message saying "Failed to update to latest version". Still having the issue.

@LilPika its mostly due to the microsoft store. So far this is the few vidoes i found that is talking about the issues and what is going on so far. Things will be revealed more throughout the day. And yes I am aware that you are doing well, but most players are having issues and can be seen via twitter and reddit.

@Kizaru84 Me telling you a factual statement isn't defence. The majority of people are in the game playing fine. It sucks you can't. You are a minority.

Windows Store permission issues happen when permissions with your windows install are incorrect or corrupt. This happens almost all the time through user's installing things that force permissions to themselves or they fiddle and don't know what they're changing. When I say every MMO ever I mean a spotty launch. Either you'll be gone from this forum and out the player base's hair or you'll be in the game happy as larry playing it.

Either way I don't care what you do.

The install not doing anything when you click it is caused by a badly set up permission system across your drives. This most likely happens if you're trying to install a game to anything other than C:\ If that's the case, just install it to C. If that's not the case then you need to check your windows install, address your permissions. This has worked for every single other person I have helped with this issue. If you don't know how to take ownership of the windows store settings, google can help you.