How many people managed to actually play the PC version thus far?

So far I haven't been able to even launch the game, and no one I know did too. PSO2 NA twitter account is filled with similar issues and even the technical forums here, is the launch completely broken for PC or is their support just that bad?

Most of my friends are having major issues and can't even install after like what... 12 hours? If you're missing like a 14kb text file it will redownload all 60gb of game content. Sometimes you cant even get rid of that 60gb since its hard to uninstall it.

I'm on, but everything is overcrowded and laggy as hell ... they kept the other 3 ships closed so things are almost at capacity.

I got in. It got a little laggy in the hub, but nothing terrible.

Most people are in fine.

Server 2 is congested and most blocks in all servers are filling up. I think the problems are actually a minority of people.

@LilPika Even though its a few people, the reinstallation process takes forever. There isn't a proper file checker and partial redownload in the launcher so if your missing even a couple of text viles, it will redownload all the from the beginning. A majority of my big group lost permissions in random directories that have nothing to do with the game and they aren't able to undo all that easily.

Got in without a hitch. Lobbies are laggy as hell and I much rather would have started on a NEW SHIP had they added one but other than that its fine.

I can't find the download button, keeps taking me to Microsoft Store.. but no button available. Could it be because I'm fromt he UK?

Mine is still downloading sadly, it says I have about 5 hours left on my download! I hope I don't run into issues where it doesn't forget to download a small part and I have to start over...!

@Silushun Yes. Hit start, type in Region and then hit enter and then switch your region to the United States. Then open the Store, wait a second 'till the prices switch to Dollars, then dig it out 🙂

You can switch it back if you want when you're done. I think you might need to switch it to US whenever you want to buy anything like ARKs cash or anything though.

I got in, but, having issues using a PS4 controller

@nindrella239 PS4 controller will work fine IF it's the second version (Light bar visible through the front of the touch pad). If you have the older one the PC mapping is stupid with those and I recommend you nab a PS4 controller mapper. Or just grab a Xbox One Controller.

@LilPika I have the blue camo one. I figured that was new enough to use. I may just get an Xbox One controller. Thank you!

it took me a few hours to get it going(had to do a fresh windows 10 reboot) then another 2 hours to fully install after that,now just waiting on the new ships which can take probably a week if at all to actually play 🤣

BUT i do have my character made and saved to jump right in when the new ship(s) arrive!

@Silushun Probably. You need to set your region to NA.