Unable to Play in 4K

Why can I not select a resolution above 1080p? I was so hyped to play this game at 4k max settings and it looks exactly the same as if I was playing on my model 1 Xbox One.

Going off another user's post that works

Navigate to your documents file (should look similiar to this) C:\Users"your account"\Documents\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA (obv the "your account" will be your user profile

then open up the "User.pso2" file in notepad / notepad++ or whatever text editor you use

In notepad (I used this) ctrl + F (Search for windows)

This will work, I'm trying to figure out how to get it to pickup my 144hz at this resolution. Seems to be stuck at 60 no matter the options I choose in the launcher.Capture.PNG

@Sadyka I'm fairly certain 4k is capped to 60 FPS over HDMI. So if you're on HDMI that's the problem. Need DisplayPort to go over that limitation.

@Hanzo-Or-Ganzo I figured it out, I was dumb and didn't set it to unlimited.

I'm running DP at 144hz, swapped to 120hz and I"m getting capped 120 frames now at 4k 🙂 (Just had to turn that one character detail setting down all the way to 5 which sucks. Runs great besides that on my 2080Ti / 8700k combo. Wish I didn't have to turn that setting down, it absolutely tanks my frames.

@Sadyka Same with me, it tanks my FPS and I get uncontrollable jittering if its over 5.

How do you deal with the UI scaling issue at high resolutions? The font is so tiny.

I have in the launcher set to 1080p one (the 1.5x)

and since I use a 4k Monitor that's only 27" (Xb273K) it's reasonably sized for me, I can't attest to other displays or TVs. It just works for me. It's small, but not hard to read for myself. Capture2.PNG

Ignore that it says "1920*1200" its running at 4k, I think the launcher defaults to that when you use the other file to change setings.

I set the fullscreen= true and I got bars on the left and right and the screens square and positioned center, do I need to disable fullscreen and turn on virtualfullscreen bc that's what I did 15" 4k monitor on laptop