Can't Launch Game-Getting this Error

Whenever I try to launch the game, complete with giving the game administrator permission this error pops up errorthing.png

What's going on?

Do you have Controlled Folder Access on? If yes, you need to give the game an exception.

also have the same issue here, i have uninstall and reinstall and i also have Controlled folder access disabled. it look like a day one typicall mmo startup issue

@FormulaFox02 said in Can't Launch Game-Getting this Error:

Controlled Folder Access

I don't even have Controlled Folder Access on. Think it could be something else?

@LadyBanshee9 Unfortunately I'm not tech-savvy enough to be sure. I only know to do this because of my own startup issue and the fact that it coincided with a notice of controlled folder access being blocked(this is why I keep those notifications on).

The other thing I'm about to post some information for is something I stumbled into by happenstance that made me try a hail mary fix that still makes no sense to have worked given the nature of the error. I sadly am not the expert I wish I was...