Arks Missions "Close Encounter with a Masked Demon"

This is a potential bug. I done a lot of story quest before getting the ARKS Mission "Close Encounter with a Masked Demon" and now I can't complete it. I ran thought the mission again on both Casual and Hardcore and it will not complete. Has anyone else had this happen and is there a workaround? I might have missed something is why i am asking.

I'm having the same issue. I can move on in the story but the main mission bonus does not recognize that I completed it.

+1 here. Recompleted after the fact, and still can't finish the ARKS mission

I am also experiencing this.

Completed it before mission before ark mission showed up now won't complete mission when doing over

its not just that mission... if you accidentally talk to someone before they are flagged as part of a mission you get stuck at that mission never being able to complete it... and with no quest telling you who to talk to when... and just this is who gives you a mission... that can become very complicated to make sure you dont talk to the wrong people so you dont get stuck in a spot where you can never advance the quest lines...

Hello everyone! We are currently investigating this issue. We apologize that you couldn't complete this quest during the CBT!

@LeewardAssassin Hi, yes same issue for myself. Exact same issue with that quest...

@GM-Rappie thank you for your response