After nProtect Crash, Game Fails to Launch or Uninstall

After having a friend fail to launch the game after a reboot, I had decided to test it myself.

I rebooted my machine and from a cold boot, started PSO2. UAC prompt appeared and it got to the launcher. When hitting Play, nProtect reported a problem and closed. After that, the launcher would no longer appear.

Rebooted again, same problem where the launcher won't load and no UAC prompt appears. Uninstalling the game is failing. Launching via Microsoft Store is failing. "Repairing" via Win10 is failing. "Reset"ing via Win10 is failing. (The throbbers just run in circles but nothing is actually done.)

At this stage, the client is unusable.


After having the machine sit with a pending uninstall attempt and rebooting after 20 minutes of waiting, the game was uninstalled. This allowed me to "reinstall" it via the Win10 store, though the win10 store looks like it only downloaded an exe. (Practically no time at all).

I'm now patching the game again via the launcher. We'll see if it works.

The reinstall was successful and I was able to enter the game again.