Ship 01 - Looking For Player ID for "Friend Invite"...?

The game says there is a Free Gift when I enter the Player ID of someone registered in Ship01. alt text

Does anyone have a ID + Registered Character on Ship01 I can use? ❤

Looking for one too 🙂

If either are still looking for one, feel free to use mine. Player ID: 10009632 Ship: 1

When you use the Friend Referral System to begin Phantasy Star Online 2, both you and your friend will receive wonderful items!

Please input the following information during registration. Your friend's Ship: Ship 01: Feoh Your friend's Player ID: 10918704

Thank you Guys, give this a shot

If anyone is wanting to use a friend code, give mine a shot and hit me up in game!

Player ID: 10918704

Ship 01: Feoh