Can't "Press The Enter Key" to start

PSO2 loads up just fine, but it will not let me advance past the Start Screen. Tried pushing every key, connecting a controller, restarted and did a file check.

Anyone else who had this problem? pso2_oGy0Kdl38n.jpg

Having the same exact problem.

same here {TAB} also does nothing

yeah having the same issue, never had this issue on the JP servers as far as i know.

@theMeji Yeah, same problem here... the only thing that works is the "yes" button to close the game

same freaking problem 😞

same just get a gray box to pop up for about half a sec and then back to title screen

Add one more to the list.

hey guys was having this problem and found this! IT WORKS NOW!

@Light-Visored said in PC Download:

Okay so for those not getting passed the press enter screen: I used ccleaner to delete windows stuff I did not use/want and xbox stuff was some of that. I redownloaded the app here: and signed into my old account and now I can progress passed the press enter screen. Hope that helps some of you!

tried that still didnt help

I tried a lot of things so not sure what works or what doesn't.

However, I know for a fact that if you are currently on a non-admin account, when you launch the game, it will ask to launch on an admin account. The game will be launching via the admin account. Here's the current problem: if you were on your admin account, when you press any key on the title screen, a Xbox pop-up will open and confirm what account is about to be used.

If you are on a non-admin account, even if you launched the game with the admin credentials, that pop-up will never happen.

So right now I am "unblocked" but I am extremely annoyed since I want to avoid using the admin account as much as possible so currently looking for a workaround (namely why the pop-up is not happening).

I was able to fix the issue by installing the Xbox Identity Provider app from the Windows store.

Hope that helps

I've tried every thing to install that people suggest, but I still get stuck on the title screen loop.

I don't get it.

I got past all other errors and problems but now im stuck on this, looks like some box is trying to open but cannot. Im logged in as Admin and no luck. Damn this game is mess, but at least i could hear that amazing menu music.

Ok. So, I've had this loop going on for hours. Added the Xbox Identity Provider, Xbox beta app. restarted PC. uninstalled and redownloaded. I was finally able to get it to work by downloading the Xbox Console Companion ( I don't even own an Xbox btw). Then open it, it'll prompt to login and then launch PSO2 with the console companion still open and logged in. Hopefully, this helps some get in.