I fixed my 4k resolution finally!

So for anyone trying to play in 4k or any high resolution for that matter don't use the virtual fullscreen option like I did thinking that's what your supposed to do. Go to user/username/documents/sega/phantasystaronline2_na and locate the user.pso2 file. In this file you will find resolution settings that can be changed and saved. I changed all values to 3840x2160 and now my game is absolutely gorgeous. I spent hours trying to figure out why my game was so pixelated no matter what options i fiddled with. Here ya go. Don't forget to set fullscreen option to true.


Thank you

I am amazed I have to do this to get 1440p working, however..

Wow this works and it looks amazing!!!!! Also

Nvidia 3d Vision is working so far and this game in 3D vision OMG my dream has come true!!!!! 8 years in the making!!

Did you guys figure out the values to get the interface to scale right on 4k? I wish we could get the values from the xbox configuration somehow.. How hard is it for the devs to just implement it to PC!

@Hado90 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice job, but the text is so small that only ants can read it. What setting is that in the .ini file?

@BFGesus There's an interface option, but no amounts of editing I do to it increases the size.

This should be a sticky. Almost uninstalled.

@Errtu9078 said in I fixed my 4k resolution finally!:

This should be a sticky. Almost uninstalled.

It should be an option in the options, not an .ini edit. But I guess we get what we get. You can improve LOD and textures as well btw.

Did you only change it in the ini file or did you also edit the "Environment Settings" in the launcher?

So I did find the file doing search folders but I'm unable to edit, looks like a blank file that ask for a software to open it, i'm stuck here.

@Batisax1 you're gonna want to "open with" notepad. Make sure to save your changes.

I've been playing in 2k with this method and the text is nice and legible.

Nice! Thank you, I did it & mine is set for 2k as well.

Instructions to fix UI in image below.

alt text

@Daigoji-Gai Your settings make the game look like crap.