Can't Uninstall/Delete - SYSTEM owns the files and won't let me even as admin

@SmexyZombies Yea I wish i could help too.

I've heard of the client responding to having "mutables" and sometimes "oxyna" deleted by re-downloading the files as you delete them. I haven't been able to trigger that myself, but from what I gather you might have to find/delete the files and then delete the 11gb launcher through normal means of uninstall (which it won't let you do until you delete the folders) before it reinstalls them.

I don't expect that'll help at all, but its the closest thing to relatable that i can think of.

@OddCrown Yeah I did all that, unfortunately. I deleted the folders in WindowsApps and I ran the uninstall from Add/Remove Programs, which it indicated was only uninstalling an 11 GB program - probably the launcher. Considering I seem to have only reclaimed about 10ish GB, it seems like the only thing that actually was removed was the launcher, even though all the folders I deleted aren't showing up anymore.

@SmexyZombies thats so wild... its like an evolving virus 😆 Like seriously what the hell.

That's messed up. This thing is like an evolving virus

@OddCrown It's just unbelievable, yeah. Definitely feels like we installed a Microsoft-sanctioned virus.

My suggestion would be to go to the microsoft store app, click "talk to an expert" and as soon as a chat bot opens up just type "real agent" or "real person". Rather than listen to them blather on, simply state what the game files did, how they duplicated, how much space they are taking up, and how you feel. Relate to them that the files are now missing (they won't do anything about that, but if you use the tech support on windows they can probably help you out, though they are slow and dumb); And finally just basically say that dudes response doesn't mean anything, and their actions do, but in a nice way. Basically "I don't need to hear anything, my respect/future purchases will be decided based upon the actions taken by the respective companies to solve this issue".

The guy i spoke to was very understanding and eager to hear what I had to say. I doubt anything will be done but its worth the 5 minutes; And threatening company pockets is pretty much the path to success in 2020 cause respect doesn't mean much.

@OddCrown I'm still trying to figure out why they went with the Microsoft app store in the first place. Did they do it for the exposure or something? If that's the case, then again WHY THE MICROSOFT APP STORE? It's slow, it's unreliable, and nobody uses it for games. The only reason I could ever see someone using it instead of Steam or even GoG to download games is if someone's mom or grandma wants to to install Bejeweled or Candy Crush on their computer instead of their phone for whatever reason. Hell, even would have been a less nonsensical distribution platform.

Yea, its completely moronic. Lord knows it was financial. Probably an issue with how steam takes its cut. That being said, microtransaction %'s being taken by steam is better than nobody buying microtransactions because they have no faith or respect in your game/company.

I'm assuming it's 100% financial. Microsoft put up the bucks for things like the English dub and provided the most intensive part which is the online backbone through the Xbox Live services so it's unsurprisingly exclusive to their craptastic storefront. Sega really had no interest in supporting an online infrastructure themselves for North America for PSO2 or they would have done it 8 years ago.

Just from how the marketing was handled it already seemed like the PC release was just an afterthought to try and make a few extra bucks anyway and the console version was what they were really after.

@SmexyZombies You have to delete any folder with the word "oxyna" in it.




@Vaiden7120 Devs don't care about you. Admins don't care about you. Threaten wallets or you threaten nothing. Microsoft is the only one who will do anything for you, and only with enough blowback. Articles are already all over the place about how shit this release has been. send them a message or contact their "experts" and tell them whats up, say you'll never use Mstore again if they don't fix it (not that anyone does anyway).

@Obviously223 Its 100% financial, no question. Before questioning why, ask the question who owns Xbox ? Microsoft. Who owns/ is directly responsible for PSO2 release in the west ? Microsoft(xbox). Why is it exclusive to windows 10 ? who owns Windows 10 ?

It's really not difficult to see where the head of the serpent is.

They didn't release on steam because the deal was for exclusivity in the West. For better or worse we're stuck with Microsoft on this one.

@Shirokami07 said in Can't Uninstall/Delete - SYSTEM owns the files and won't let me even as admin:

Hello. I'm back.

What I'm going to say is VERY important. I didn't turn off my machine because I'm working and can't do that right now.


Everything, every single game file... IS GONE, DELETED, BOOM, VANISHED. What the hell just happened? I have no idea. Most of my disc space is also back, too.

Well. What the fuck?

Same thing happened to me, I was trying to fix it to allow nvidia to change graphics settings to opimized since the game wouldn't run on nvidia card. After restarting my laptop, the game was removed and prompted me to reinstall, so I just deleted it. I'm waiting till the steam launch arrives, if it doesn't then oh well.