Launcher doesnt load after computer restart

So far I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling to fix the problem has been mildly successful but after restarting the computer the launch is no longer able to run. Now the struggle is that I'm unable to uninstall the game in addition the game is currently taking up 150 gb total 5 on Cdrive and 145 on Edrive.

I too encountered this problem and if I reinstall the game 1 more time i will be out of hard drive space. This is not right!

Currently trying to gain access to a windowsapp folder that is storing now 200gb of Backed up game files.... but of course I'm not having any luck and the few people that have tried to help I'm thankful but I'm starting to lose hope and I've been at this for 6 hours now.

Same issue, reinstalling for 3rd time, have deleted the old files though after first 2 tries.

On the parent folders (MutableWindowsApps and WindowsApps) right click ---> Properties ---> Security tab ----> Advanced button ----> Change Owner ----> Advanced... ----> Find Now ----> Select Users as the owner.

Check the box under Owner to apply to all subfolders and files, hit apply. It will take a few moments to apply to all.

Now you can go download the duplicate files. Instead of deleting WindowsApps just go into the folder and delete the pso2 folder.

Anything that gets installed into those folders will automatically inherit your new ownership and should avoid this issue moving forward.

My antivirus was deleting the pso launcher and the game. See if that's the case.