Has anyone else not been receiving items from clearing the Urgent Missions for the Beta?

I got the halo item after clearing my first urgent quest but I’ve cleared 2 more after and haven’t received a thing

Yeah I was wondering the dame thing. Are we getting it after the beta? Because I cleared 3 Urgent Missions and still got nothing. 😧

I believe we don’t get the rest until the game launches.

@hAZE-1561 I honestly hope that’s the case, I’d hate to miss out on that Dreamcast Mag

We were supposed to get some after we loged in but i never got it...or i do t k ow where to check.

https://pso2.com/news/announcements/cbtrewards IMMEDIATE REWARDS

You will receive these rewards immediately upon logging in for the first time during the Closed Beta Test:

Photon Halo B (accessory) Salon Free Pass (consumable)


Complete Urgent Quests during the Closed Beta Test to receive these special rewards, you will be able to claim them when the game officially launches (RELEASE DATE TBA).

1 Urgent Quest completed: Photon Halo C (accessory) Triboost +100% (consumable) 2 Urgent Quests completed: Photon Halo A (accessory) Triboost +100% (consumable) 3 Urgent Quests completed: Dreamcast Mag Triboost +100% (consumable) 4 Urgent Quests completed: Weapon Camo “Coated Edge” Triboost +100% (quantity of 10, consumable) *Rewards are limited per account, even if requirements are met with multiple characters. **Even though some Urgent Quests can be completed multiple times during their allotted time, only one completion per time slot will count towards the Special Rewards.

@AnonMarc. Ok but where do i get part b of halo thays what im trying to find What menu is it in

Wish i had access to the beta but maybe its at the Visiphone console as a campaign reward or whatever they translated it to ?


@AnonMarc i accepted rewards for logging in so that menus empty.

@SaRgE-rVb93 Check the Storage terminal: All Storage > 5th tab on the top is where clothing / accessories tickets go to, the last tab is where the salon pass should be at.

If the halo item is not there check the salon see if its applied automaticaly to the character, maybe you applied it by mistake or the other possible reason is u sold it or fed it to your mag :c (hope thats not the case)


@AnonMarc I guess I’m just retarded to have missed that, thanks for putting this up though friend, I really appreciate it!

@Astrel-Vasius Got to do something while waiting for release :D, always happy to help.

hey, i was so stupid. Im so flashed from the game that i was to stupid to play the Urgent Quest 😕 But, we had to skill to a specific level to get in this Quests or? Im think that a remember there was written about level 20!?

@Astrel-Vasius You receive after the game launches. See this link. https://pso2.com/news/announcements/cbtrewards