Can we get a Statement from the officials pls?

There is nothing to say... title says all... or do we have to wait another 8 years for an answer : /?

probably the 8 years wait im afraid

cant even launch it, I could download it but nothing more. Fixed the 1813 error but then another error occured. nice.

It'd be nice if the folks running the social media accounts could reassure us that steps are being taken but they need something to tell us first and that has to come from the team at Sega managing PSO2.

Regardless if they're looking at this problem or not, this is a bit of a shit show. The twitter account has directed people with problems to either the PSO2 support, which isn't a person to talk to but just a form to fill in and Microsoft Customer Support directly told me that it's not a problem for them to solve.

So it's time to play the waiting game.

time to play the "Push" game... maybe there is an official who reads and answer this.

After some reading around, I've read that not being logged in to Microsoft Store may keep you locked from getting into the game. If your Regional Settings are not US or Canada, you may also be blocked. The current release is NA and even if there's no region lock, there might be issues that prevent other regions from getting in.

pso20191208_133350_001.jpg found a screenshot from jp. xD it nails it

i´m SEGA i announce pso2 coming to EU/US (2012) 6 years of silence....oh we can´t bring it to EU/US cause of contract rights. now 8 years later....Xb1 and pc get the NA version with full content without regionlock Today we see ppl have problems with downloading fils from the client or even can´t getting the client file from the store...cause store says no. ( Region is on US and win10 on newest version)...we say NOTHING.

SERVERAL DAYS/WEEKS/MONTH later....fuck you EU ppl we have a block in it.