WinHTTP Error: 12002 [No.103]

Same worked for me too

works too.. but why would it work now

Sorry everyone was out of house. People that asked what did i do? I did nothing it just did itself auto. Sorry i couldn't help more

Glad it works dude!

This post is deleted!

Is yours working now?

So turning off IPv6 worked to allow me to download the updates. I'm in the game now (just got it to load) and turned IPv6 back on, though I don't know if certain communications will become an issue due to me turning it back on.

It looks like that, at least for my specific situation, turning it off allows my computer/internet connection to properly communicate with the update server.

Your the best dude thank you so much

Wow i can patch now thanks for the fix bruh!

@WeirdTheGuy said in WinHTTP Error: 12002 [No.103]:

I got this issue fixed by disabling IPv6.

Open up control panel, go to network and sharing center, click on your connection type. In the new window click on properties, then uncheck the box next to IPv6.

I am running the launcher updates right now, so not sure if it can be turned back on afterwards.

Any other way to fix the issue? I am using PdaNet+ as my internet. If that's the issue as to why I am having the issue that would be great info!

I was able to fix it by simply resetting my PC, Windoes 10 user

I wanted to let everyone know that Disabling IPv6 worked for me as well. 🙂 Have Fun, everyone!

I disabled IPv6 and it worked.

Disabled IPv6. This Definitely works.