WinHTTP Error: 12002 [No.103]

I downloaded game. Launched game, Got splash screen waited few mins and got. "Failed to download the latest version. Please wait a while and try again. WinHTTP Error: 12002 [No. 103]" No matter what I do I get same error. Can anyone help please?

@DarkKiaser i got same error, no response from any fix yet.

I also have the same error. no way to fix it 😕

O well ill try again in 8 more years 😄

If i find a fix ill let you guys know asap

Any progress?

It is working now, I didn't change anything, but seems to be working.

@DarkKiaser said in WinHTTP Error: 12002 [No.103]:

It is working now, I didn't change anything, but seems to be working.

Any idea on how it worked? Cause been making attempts every 10-15mins getting the same thing.

So it fixed itself? Lol...

I also am getting this error. Tried uninstalling, changing the drive, turning off antivirus, etc etc. Still nothing.

I saw an older thread that said it could be due to a high server load but cannot verify this.

That might be it, maybe thats why it says try again later.. fingers crossed

ive noticed when i restart my computer, it makes re redownload the 11gigs from the microsoft store again as if i didnt already so i wonder if it has something to do with that

I got this issue fixed by disabling IPv6.

Open up control panel, go to network and sharing center, click on your connection type. In the new window click on properties, then uncheck the box next to IPv6.

I am running the launcher updates right now, so not sure if it can be turned back on afterwards.

Anyone else try this?

hey that is allowing me to download the patch. I will update once it is done