Terrible PC performance on top end hardware

Before I start, I want to preface that I used to play the Japanese version of the game and ran it at 4k with maximum settings without any issues with weaker harder than I'll be listing below.

I am absolutely baffled and shocked by the performance on this Windows Store release - I dip to 2-11 FPS regularly just sitting in the lobby not moving around trying to enter text into the chat box.

My Specifications:

  • Nvidia Geforce 2080

  • Intel 9900k

  • 32GB Ram

  • 4 tb (2x2) Samsung NVME

Here is a video of what I'm seeing while running at 1920x1080 on the above hardware:


At 0:3 I dip to 18 FPS, again at 0:7 I dip to a mind numbing 2 FPS. As you can see from the above video I am experiencing massive frame drops intermittently while playing in a relatively unfilled lobby. The game will simply drop frames for no apparent reason and does so sporadically while typing, opening menu's, etc. This should NOT be an issue, the game is loaded to an NVME drive that has 3200 mb/s read speed.

Sega, can you please explain what you did with this port?

Yea I've been having the same issue with performance with similar specs except I have an rtx 2080 ti. Also, I'm wondering why xbox has a 4k option and we don't for PC. I've seen screenshots of players showing how to select 4k for xbox and that screen doesn't exist for us. The game looks like pixelated garbage right now. All virtual full-screen mode is doing is stretching a low res image to 4k resolution so it fits the screen. IT's not an actual 4k picture. Youtube videos of people playing this game look way better than my game does at the moment. All sliders and graphic options are set to max in game and in launcher environment settings.

Your CPU has integrated graphics. Open your dedicated graphics GPU and set it to use the dedicated GPU instead of integrated.

@Ragnawind Unfortunately I'm recording on Nvidia replay. The Nvidia overlay wouldn't even show up much less allow the replay functionality in a game where its running the Intel integrated hardware.

You can check if the game is using your dedicated GPU by opening up task manager and check how much % of which GPU is being used. Check if you are able to open the NVIDIA control panel from a right click on your desktop. If so, go to 3D graphics -> program settings -> add (sort by recently used) PSO2 -> select prefered graphics card to your dedicated GPU.

@Jexalicious35 Yes, this is what was done prior to creating this post.

go to ingame display settings and set amount of models loaded to half it will boost your performance by a crapton the lag only comes up in the main lobby due to all the accesories being loaded in and models

@hovsep56 i dont think thats the point, I am having similar issues. I have PSO2 Tweaker on my laptop which runs like butter on max settings. My Desktop machine is far Superior as it has a RTX 2070 compared to my Laptops GTX 1060. I am about to install PSO2 tweaker on my desktop to see if it is the game that is not optimized.

As someone who played the Japanese closed beta on a pc with a phenom II, I can say that this issue didn't exist even on lower hardware. The issue has been on Xbox one as well, and I assume its a server side issue or an issue with Xbox live integration. Turning down displayed character models help, but the issue seems to happen specifically in lobbies when someone enters the instance, regardless if you can see the person or not.

i got an issue aswell when i play pso2 my cpu flyes up too 100 celcius " btw this is the only game that does that". and idk why, like i run black desert online on maxed out grafics + unlimited frame rates and my cpu berly touches 50 celcius. is the game guard fucking things up for me or wtf is going on? Rig im useing is a i7 8700 rtx 2060 16 gb ram, ps this happened today, my other days while playing the game has been without any issues.

update: reinstalled the game and now i dont have the issue anymore but i wonder what caused it 😮