Game uninstalled itself affter a pc restart? THEN STOLE MY STORAGE SPACE!?!

so a downloaded the game had it updated and running ready to make a charecter and log in. i restarted my pc to start streaming and went to launch the game and the windows start button for pso2 was grayed out with a ! on it. i check it in the microsoft store to see if its updateing or something but nope its apparently gone and uninstalled itself. i have also seem to have pernemently lost hard drive space that it was installed on. so the files for the game are still there but i do not have access to them so i cant delete them?

im noticing the forums are full of ppl complaining they cant download the game to ppl having the same issue as i am, what the fuck is going on?

I am literally having the same s**** here. After restarting the game, the launcher wouldn't open. Opened the microsoft store and it mentioned the game was broken and needed to reinstall. It just f-ing deleted itself but the storage space didn't revert back. What the actual F.

Only thing I did differently was revert back my original region settings.