Pixelated Gameplay Graphics

Setup: Xbox One S, connected to LG 4K UHD TV. Xbox currently set to 4K.

UI and cutscenes are pristine, very clear and vibrant. The actual in gameplay graphics quality in the other hand feels as if it’s set to 480p. Even worse when I am in a UQ and have tons of monsters and players around me. Thought game had 4K support?

I tried the following:

-adjusting in game graphics settings. -playing with tv settings -setting Xbox to 1080p to see if it was an upscale issue, being that I have an Xbox One S and native is 1080. -tried second Xbox, same issue. -bought new monster 4K HDMI cable. -3 different TVs and my Asus pg279q ROG monitor.

Tried everything and could not resolve. Are the graphics just this poor on Xbox or am I spoiled by PC graphics?

Anyone else having issues?

The game is ugly on one S. its a shame the dev didnt do a better job than this. for a 2012 game ...

Optimized for 4K they said... C626584A-30C8-4EE5-9E19-192CEEE47082.jpeg

It looked WAY better than that on my Xbox One S.

@Aperture-Mage this is one of the more severe cases of when there were an abundance of people in one given area. Usually it wasn’t THIS bad. But it was still bad.

Please read this explanation in the other thread below my later post: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/202/major-difference-between-cutscenes-and-gameplay/11