For everyone on PC that cannot instal or start the game

After checking every possible solution and checking Twitter and Forum, we can conclude that the game is only made to USA and Canada, Everyone from outside this location will not be able to properly start or play the game.

On the Twitter there is an official reply from PSO2 team saying that this game is only for USA and Canada, they previously said that this would not be region blocked was a lie, the PSO2 them self confirmed this.

I bet there are some users that are making something like the PSO Tweaker which we're able to play on the JP Server but for the NA version, just wait some time and someone will crack this, since the PSO2 Team doesn't even care for players outside the USA and Canada.

There are many players, myself included, who are in NA but are also having issues installing/starting the game. There are also some players from Europe who have been able to play the game without any issues. I don't think this is specifically a region blocking issue.

most issues seems to be permission related , or connectivity between microsoft store and the game to provide an account , please dont spread false rumors . The game is available on consoles for both europe and north america, why not on PC ?

The issue is the coding used by microsoft store and the game itself. they install by default directory on an English Windows, like C/Programfiles... but say your computer have C/arquivodeprogramas. the game itself will get an error and you`re not able to change this, as this is default by the coding on microsoft store and the game.

If PSO2 Team want to solve this, firstly they'll have to remove the microsoft store or fix this coding, otherwise we`ll not be able to properly play the game.

this is just one of the issue people have encounter

no worries about your region.i'm from austria and after a bit of fails with the store and launcher i got the game to run. it's simply the microsoft store being complete shit and the launcher not being fine-tuned to work with it properly.

more times then not, the launcher will have issues reading files that are completely fine, but the way the store handles the installing and coding of these files completely breaks the launcher.

@Fafys9716 i have friends who are in SEA can play. I think its microsoft store issues.