Game seemingly uninstalled itself after I restarted my PC

Anyone else have this problem? I restarted my computer and when I went to launch the game it did nothing. I then looked at the Microsoft store page for the game to see what was up. It said the game was broken or something along those lines and completely uninstalled the game. It's making me reinstall the game.

I saw someone else on the PSO2 subreddit that had the same problem. I'm guessing this has something to do with the Microsoft store. I wish they would've released the game as a standalone launcher instead of using the Microsoft store or just put it on Steam. Seems like it's causing a ton of problems for people. I'm reinstalling the game now and hoping it doesn't do the same thing.

@Wiibu Same here. I got the same problem after I restart the game. I notice there is a white line under the PSO2 launcher icon in my tools bar. Nothing happens when I click the icon. Even if I open the WindowApp folder and click the launcher. It won't start says that I don't have to right to start it.... Anyone pls help...

Same here, went to freinds house as they have better internet downloaded it launched it got to ship selection. Turned off PC took it home hooked it up started the PC and couldn't launch pso2 had bar under it, and when it did launch it preformed a full re-install now im stuck waiting 12plus hours for it to install on my slow internet connection.

Where did you install the game to?

Happened to me twice, I restarted my computer after downloading game and couldn't log in and I had to re-download the launcher and game again. Then after I got in the game I closed the game to change which monitor it would be on (which I made sure to check before starting the game) and I'm in the middle of re-downloading the whole game again.

I'm having this issue as well, I installed on a external HD.

Yeah it has to do with the microsoft store, you can uninstall it and reinstall. if it still doesnt work delete the windowsapps folder in the external hard drive. As long as you dont install these games to the boot folder you can do that. If that doesn't work then well... who knows o.o

I was hoping that the Microsoft store wouldn't cause any problems after having a good experience playing Killer Instinct on it too...Seems like it is the culprit of most of the problems I've seen so far. All we can do is wait for them to fix it.