Think ill stick with Console for now

Hi All,

The only problem i have with the PC version are 2 things.

1: Why are we forced to install the game on our local C? -My local C is meant for OS,System and or current documents. -No game or software gets installed on here. -This is due to the nature preventing local C from hitting cap. Along with backup purpose -Though it being 1TB SSD, I would preferably like the game to go in the game drive amongst all the other microsoft store games and or publisher.

2: What is the world is up with the permission and elavation in trying to access the game folder? -This causes more problems then fixes problem. -Forcing elevation on files is highly suspicious. i have other microsoft app games installed and i dont need elevated permission to go through them. -It's even more strange that i am the local admin but still dont have access to these. I would have to forcefully Take Ownership of the entire folder, which against makes no sense. -Unless Sega doesnt want us to know what they are running in the background

I had to disable my windows antivirus or the patcher wouldn't load proper and threw some error.