Can't start the download today.....

My microsoft store sayd this when i try to download the game at 11:40 am EST, i wanna point out i can already play sea of thieves and other microsoft store titles, so i'm not sure if its something on my end or microsofts end...... pso2 error.png

same issue here and tried every "advice" i could find. its just sega being stupid to even come to such an idea to release it over the microsoft store...

-sigh- everyone in my house is downloading it fine but me.........

One of the things i'd seen suggested was to make sure your Windows 10 was updated fully, i can't say that's a fix for sure as i was able to download it before updating but maybe worth a try?

@AccelShift i'll give it a try, not much else i can do.....

bump, anyone else think of anything? currently installing an update so i'll let you know if thats fixes it

I'm still having problems and I updated my pc, does anyone know a fix?2020-05-27 (1).png

I have tried everything possible i cant install just keep getting this error.

Had same issue all day. Had to reinstall windows FFS. Now the bloody piece of shit is stopping the download every 10s while trying to get the game. I feel like choping my hands off. Hate Microsoft Store with passion. That piece of crap never works.

@AccelShift Welp i can confirm updating my windows fixed this issue for me, i'm installing it now

@SugoiTaka Really happy that at least this issue is fixed for you, let's hope you don't run into any more and if you do, a fix will be available sooner rather than later.

This post is deleted!

😄 yay im not the only one who cant donwload the launcher from the shit store... but i guess me and my brother the only two with error code 0x8070065E and nothing works to fix it.

its 2 days and absolutely nothing happened from their side, not even a statement, nothing. just shows their service and when it starts like this, they dont deserve any support, so im done here.

@AccelShift i'm sadly running into gameguard issues now, just closes the game after i open it, but aside from that i did get the game open once so i've just been keeping it open lol, closing the game puts me at risk of not opening it again sadly