Failed to download? Error 17 and no.140? PLEASE HELP!?

So, been trying this for a bit. I keep getting this now. How do I fix it?PSO2 Error.png

Were you able to fix it??

I'm gettting the same issue! I cant even uninstall the game, just hangs for ages and errors out

@Ujinx I don't know if I should uninstall or just wait, hoping for a solution in a couple of hours. It's awful.

Delete it and wait some weeks or Months... this Trash is not working and never will. You cant even delete it right at this point .

I was deleting my whole PC because of this trash Game

@Dritoku Might as well continue on the JP tweaker version which ran exceptionally well compared to this.

Fixed my issue by clearing 100gb+ disk space, not sure if it will help you but might be worth a try

Clearing disk space fixed the issue for me. I also did around 100gb but not sure how much it ended up using.

You need 100+gb of free space if you get this error

Thank you big help i think this helped to bad it like has to start all over

It has taken me well over 5 hours (and 4 reinstalls) to figure it out until I read this forum. PSO2 DL/update works for me after freeing 80.4 Gigs of Space. Good Luck to those who are having trouble finding a solution!

Yeah. Disk space turned out to be the big issue.

I'm getting this error despite having 549 GB of free space. Does it need even more?

I have 150gb of free space and I get this error. Specifically after running the game successfully yesterday.

If you're still getting this, you might also have to do @Aurack 's fix as well over in PC Download. You literally have to change the ownership of the pso2_bin as well. Most of mine was memory problems in the end, but that also vastly helped. So it might be a combination of the two.