Unable to change install location

I want to install PSO2 on my D drive but even after following all the microsoft forum posts, PSO2 remains the only game on the MS store that refuses to get installed anywhere except for C drive.

It's only PSO2 that has this issue as I'd installed Killer Instinct on my D drive just a few days prior.

Anyone else with this issue + know a workaround?

Bumping because I have the same issue. My C drive is so small it's impossible for me to install a 100+GB game onto it without deleting my operating system, while I have more than enough space on my other drives.

New install location : Windows key > Settings > System > Storage > Scroll & find "Change where new content is saved", then "New Apps will save to"

@Lyang Doesn't change anything, I already had mine set up beforehand I also tried to move it by going to Settings > Apps > PSO2 and click the move button there but it says it's already in E:/

And it's indeed there, well the launcher as it's only 10GB. The full ~69GB game is in C:/, meaning it's not even a Microsoft Store issue but a launcher issue

Anyone with further information or success stories would be greatly appreciated. Been sifting through help threads and dealing with live support for 6 hours. To outline my relative issue, I can get the game to initially install to my C drive, but there's not enough space to put all the additional 50+ gb on it.

When I try to do an install to the D drive directly through the Microsoft Store it gives me the option to select it, but when I click the blue install button it does nothing. But will proceed to install if I pick the C drive instead. Also can't move the installation if I end up installing it to my C drive as it returns some error.

Thanks to any heroes that figure out any solutions.

Edit: Also, reading above with changing to where new apps will save to from Lyang, returns the same error when trying to move the insallation: 0x80070005.

Like both of u, my 1st install was a fail because of space on my SSD... I deleted the 11Go pre-install in WindowsApp & change location to the HDD (no trouble until there...) But I gave up when the wonderful error code 0x80070003 appeared each time at the end of these 11Go (no matter where i install it - SSD/HDD).

Thx Microsoft Store.

Good luck @everybody o/

What I'm referring to is a weird error where I don't even get a CHANCE to install in D Drive. This is what I get for KI.


And this is what I get for installing PSO2.


ya i tried change my new apps will save too but keep getting that error code 0x80070005 why let me see other drives if it not going let you use them!!. and try that Packages Security thing did not work as well GG Microsoft store GG hell i got launcher copy it move it too my E.driver then start game there got full download hit start game and can't get past press the enter key i guess why it need be were Microsoft store installs it and move it make it go no no! sorry for my spelling i does mad at this

Hey! I had the same problem, in fact I was getting error 0x00070005 when trying to change the app installation folder from "C:" to my storage disk (D:) but it's very very similar to your problem, so what I did was:

  1. Getting ownership of WindowsApp and appData/packages folders on the "C:" disk (main disk).

  2. Switching directory from main disk to storage disk (C: to "D:" in my case) following Lyan instructions above (If you already did this, then you should have a "WindowsApp" folder on your storage disk, check the next step if that's the case.

  3. Change the name of the windowsApp folder in the storage disk to "WindowsApp2" or really whatever you want, it doesn't really matters.

  4. Download the game selecting the storage disk. It will create a folder named "WindowsApp" and, in the "Program Files" folder of the storage disk the corresponding "bin" files will be installed.

PD: I would suggest to use the microsoft store just to download the game and inmediately install POS2 Tweaker and run EVERYTHING FROM THE TWEAKER. It seems to get rid of most (if not all) issues that arise when runnning the game from the launcher and the microsoft store

i'm not sure if this would help, and you've likely already did it, but i'll suggest it anyway, press you windows key and type in wsreset.exe and just let it run till it closes, see if that does anything

@PunnyD I think i found the best solution for this mess. i hope this fixes everything, but give it a try: just download the PSO2 fan-made Twaeker. it is much much better than the trashy Microsoft Store. it installs (hopefully) all the game files directly from the begining and let you decide where and which folder you want to install the game in.


Yes go to storage settings. and from there go to manage storage space and click on create a new pool. and storage space it might say something significantly different due to me already setting it up. but i set mine up to no resiliency and put my TB hardrive. as its set up its a easy fix if you have low storage with ur pc as i did. Thank me later im sure this is a way to fix the location of the game download