Will ships 4-6 be up?

SO what's teh deal with ships 4-6? I'm being told from other players that those ships won't come online. Is that true or what's the deal with them?

fr, I heard about that rumor too, but can't find anything to confirm it. Friends wanted to play on Ship 4. Can anyone confirm for OP?

Maybe they plan on bringing them online if 1 through 3 get so full that it causes problems for everyone. It's weird that they would list them if they have no plans on using them, to begin with, so it'll happen eventually. Hopefully they hold a migration campaign when it happens.

well ship 2 is pretty much flooded - and they as of yet haven't - I wish they would - the first three servers are so full that even turning settings down - isn't helping the lag in the common areas of the ship - such as the gate area or shopping plaza - ship 2 is kind of a nightmare right now - and yes I have tried to change when i log in to see if its just prime hours - fact is with so many people still home with nothing much to do until work opens back up - the 3 ships they have right now are just not sufficient - ship 2 is basically full up all the time right now - while 1 and 3 are congested - they seriously should open at least 4 and 5 up and maybe shuffle some of the newer players to those two ships to take some of the load off - or at least offer a ship transfer for free to incentivise people to move over and lighten that load - when you can't even walk around without skipping because of server overflow - therre's a problem - weather they can raise the azure servers capacity for the ships and alleviate it somewhat I don't know - but it's really bad right now - and im running a 2070 super on pc and still getting this - so it isn't my pc or gpu -lol simple fact is it's on their end not ours - though I would imagine this is something they would probably have to perform a short maintenance to have happen, they kind of need to start really thinking about it and how to handle it - ignoring it while it's in it's early phases is only going to frustrate and drive away potential playerbase.