north america region lock and mexico

can players from mexico play? anyone can confirm? this is regarding this a6365345-082b-4c60-8ac5-d3636270cd37-image.png according to my geography mexico is still north america.... or is it SEGA? (i cant play for some reason, keep getting errors , so im trying to decipher if i might be region locked) (also im really salty and tilted with the install process and microsoft store ATM) ty.

Well, I live in Mexico and I'm currently playing. What I CAN'T figure out for the life of me, though, is why it's not letting me purchase anything from here. I wonder if purchases are region lock... which would be pretty stupid... C'mon SEGA, take my stupid money!!

i heard about this problem before in the forums , about not being able to use the store to buy. it would be a shame if that happens , since i was seriously going to buy the sonic edition which is 59.99$ . but now, even if they fix the game to perfect i would only play for free all the way. IF they even manage to fix it...

@Gaeleath I suppose if that's the only issue with purchasing, a VPN might do the trick if you already use one, or can find one to try for free? Otherwise it's fairly likely there's something wrong with it in general at the moment for at least some people, I have seen people bringing this up elsewhere and I thought some of them were US players, but I wasn't really paying attention to this issue as I was more interested in the ones related to the game either just not working anymore because I restarted my computer or the one where the installation leaves a huge pile of duplicate files lying around, eating up space.

Purchasing is restricted by Microsoft to US and Canada. Anyone can download the game as long as their system is set in an appropriate region, though.

You have to buy gift cards, or have a valid credit card with a registered amerifcan address if in the NA.