Authentication error?

My client starts up fine but when I select a ship I immediatly get a disconnection error due to authentication. Anyone else with this problem?

Did you change your xbox live account name at any point during or after creating one for PSO2?

@Xenotoxic27 i'm not op but i did change my xbox liv account name after creating one for pso2. is there a solution for this? i've been constantly disconnecting due to authentication error 😞

I did the same thing, came here looking for answers as well. I went ahead and started the reinstall in hopes that it'll let me manually log in and that it might resolve the issue. if not, we may need to contact either sega or microsoft and have them unlink our accounts, if that's even possible.

EDIT: After launching the game, hit tab at the title screen and relog if need be. this fixed it for me.

I tried hitting tab and re logging in and still having this issue like the rest of you I really do not want to reinstall if I can help it. Xbox support is trying to throw it at me as a reinstall.