No 4k option for PC?

So Xbox has a 4k option but we don't on PC? I can manually force 4k by changing the resolution in the pso2.user file but then the interface is so small its unreadable. Even if you set text size to max 1.5 in game settings. I assume this means there is not yet support for 4k on pc....

Also even when the game is running in 4k, its pixelated and blurry. There's no way this is actually 4k, just looking at it makes my eyes water its so unclear. I hope this can be fixed with some proper 4k support. Anyone able to run the game in 4k properly? I have all graphics settings and sliders set to max.

This is a huge problem for me to.. The game looks like crap on 1080p when your native resolution is 4k. They need to fix the menu options it shouldn't be hard to port the improvements they made on the Xbox which has a beautiful 4k resolution with 4k text/interface.

Really disappointing that there isn't an option for 4k screens on pc. If it was put in for xbox, I don't understand why it wouldn't have made it to the pc port.