Stuck in Title Screen Loop

I am able to start the game and connect my account but when I press a button to get out of the menu screen it just brings me back to the menu telling me to press a button. Pretty lame.

I'm having the exact same issue. I'm at the title screen, press the enter key, it begins to load next screen, then dumps me back to the title screen. I must have pressed enter 10 times before giving up. Pretty Lame.

@Vader-Says-No I just feel like I've been so trolled, I was so ready to play this. I get to the install. I wait so long. I have to uninstall and start again. I wait 2.5 hours. I Get to the screen. omgomgomomg Im gunna get to plaayyyyyyyyy nope. Rip.

@Chrystalian I hear ya, I was up until 2:00 AM EST so I could get the download started before I went to bed, Expected to get up this morning and jump right in. Boy was that a classic case of naivity.

@Vader-Says-No Literally the same as what I did lol 😛

Good News @Chrystalian I was able to get it to work, and hopefully, this will fix it for you as well. I came across a Mega Bugfix thread on Reddit which contained the solution I provided below.

Reddit Mega Bug Fix Link:

SOLUTION: For people stuck at the "PRESS THE ENTER KEY" Title Screen, Download the Xbox Identity Provider at the following link, then relaunch the game.

Yeah I fixed it before you messaged me but I've been linking people to a github thing if you have any problems take a look, it could definitely help. I keep it on hand ever since I saw it.