audio not working

I got the game to launch but the audio doesn't seem to work at all. It works on every other app and game on my PC.

I've made sure the volume settings in-game are correct, everything set to 100.

Every result I've gotten when attempting to google this issue is either "disable AMD HD Audio device" or "reinstall DX". Neither have fixed the issue.

Any other ideas on how to fix this issue?

I have no sound either.

I don't have sound either, it was suggested to download Directx 9 (June 2010), but that has not fixed my issue.

@PillPoppinP I have Direct X 11 so it should work for me, but it doesn't.

Any updates, because it also shuts off the audio on my entire computer. not just the game.

I had a very similar problem on my headphones that had a built in microphone. I could hear audio on the CG and character creator but when I got in game I had problem. You have to change your playback device to headset

@bhullar2001 Thank you, didnt realize it switched away from my headset.