Error: Another application forced the game to close

So, I can't get past the title screen because the game will freeze and then this error comes up and it crashes. I have tried closing everything but PSO2, launching in admin mode, changing the window options, not selecting DirectX, etc but it still happens. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Bump, wonder if anyone has had any luck or experience with this 😕

Having this same issue.

Bump same issue here

It's odd because this error for me only targets certain areas, but everywhere else is fine.

For me Seabed is an almost guaranteed crash with this error and the Halloween mission. for Windows and Steam versions

would it be client side then? another theory was Microsoft Defender Antivirus but why does it hate Seabed? lol

on the off chance you have task manager open, close it. While it hasnt happened to me in PSO2 sever other games I play HATE task manager being open. hope this helps, if not im sorry i couldnt be of assistance