Possible bug? New Frontier title

I decided to jump on this morning to check out all the new stuff, I got to the new player mission that requires you to get the "New Frontier" title which asked you to get a class to lvl75 and talk to the Title Lady. I was already lvl75 on all classes and will not let me claim title. Any help for this or pointing out any misconceptions would be appreciated!

Same problem...and i really dont want to use my alt and raise them to lvl 75

@Blackau I didn't think of that XD but truly same

Yea same I don't want to make an alt

Same here. Btw, you should make at least the 2 free alts and level them to 50 on one class. There are good reasons. This video explains why. https://youtu.be/XTuWZHxWnRw

Kinda glad and sad to see i am not the only one experiencing it. I hope they tell us soon because this will annoy me

Getting the same issue, Getting level 75 again doesn't fix the issue or being level 75 then maxing xp doesn't work.

Replying here that I have the same issue. 75 on three classes and no combination of zoning / swapping / etc is allowing me to accept. I wonder if it's connected to something that's happening where, even if you have a level 75 class, if you log-in on a lowered level class you have to equip the level 75 and transfer blocks / zone to get the pop-up for the Ultimate Quest dialog.

Was partying with someone who has this mission and got their last class to 75 and still didn't get title.

i posted about this as well so i may as well sign my name to this thread to confirm that this is an issue.

I have a feeling this is the required title for Scion classes which havent been released yet. Looking at the japanese version and the translation for the title to unlock them there is roughly similar to "New Frontier" (google translate had as 'Unseen to the frontiers'.)

My guess is they jumped the gun and unlocked the ARKS mission without unlocking the content.

@Smackeh ah ha! that is a very interesting take on this issue...if so, thats fine, i dont mind waiting to complete it. i just want to know.

@radiofr33 Indeed. It would be nice if a GM chimed in here and let us know what the deal is at least. @GM-Deynger perhaps?

Bump because I am having the same problem.

I am also having this problem Has anyone reported it? Any response?