FIXED error 1813 / Launcher Update Loop

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Sorry for my english language in advance. I reinstall the game twice and it works for me twice. This is what I did :

I opened the PowerShell as Administrator (in start menu, type Powershell, right clic on it to open as admin).

Copy this line in it :

cd "C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin"


cd "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Mutable\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j"

It depend where your files are installed (for me, I used the second line only). My game is installed on C and D... If your game is install on other place or other folder, change it of course.

Next, when you are in the folder on PowerShell, you copy/past this :

Get-Acl pso2launcher.exe | Set-Acl pso2.exe

Get-Acl edition.txt | Set-Acl otp_notice_na.rtf

No errors messages ? it's done, rights are changed.

Return back on the launcher, launch the game. Update starts again but this time, no error message anymore. And the game starts

It works for me and for my friends, so I hope it works for all 🙂

Ok, so I had this isue for over 2 days. This post made me not uninstall game and finally try it out! Thanks!

This post is deleted!

I'm having this issue and none of the fixes to get into the WindowsApps folder seem to work for me.

With how much back-end nonsense that seems to be required in order to play this game, I'm legitimately convinced me that Microsoft REALLY doesn't want people playing it.

@VLP-Siliarus Don't take this as a personal criticism, but everything that has been going on in this thread is wrong.

I don't know why this thread has been made sticky, nor do I know why this thread has remained sticky for an entire year, but your opening post is advising Windows users to do two things that they should not do:

  • Advising people to disable Windows Defender as a whole, is almost never a solution to any problem at all, and simply makes users vulnerable
  • Telling people to browse to the Program Files\WindowsApps hidden folder, a folder which cannot even be viewed without the user taking ownership of it, an action which will actually brick the Windows Store, and potentially render Windows 10 completely unusable

Surprisingly there has not been any negative feedback in this thread. There is no good reason for this thread to be sticky, because the advice is both addressing a problem that no longer exists, and it addresses that no-longer-existing problem by advising people to take a sequence of actions that will destroy their Windows 10 installation.

The owner of the WindowsApps folder should always remain the 'TrustedInstaller service' (also known as Windows Module Installer service), and no Windows user should ever 'take ownership' of that folder. This should be basic Windows knowledge since as far back as the era of Windows 7. Users should not be changing this. Windows is set up like that for a reason.

I would also say that people posting here need to raise the standard of advice given by actually testing their own advice on a test system, to reduce the probability of people accidentally being led astray.