1440P Screen resolution option?

My screen resolution is not an option? Is this happening for anyone else.

I have no resolution options listed at all. My monitor is 3840 x 1080. right now i have a tiny window in the middle of my screen. Cant make it full screen and cant find any options to do so.

@Dr-Primex-MD Before you start the game you need to select the Environment Settings button right below start game. In there you can adjust a lot more settings. Unfortunately there is no option for anything above 1920x1080. You should choose virtual full screen mode.

You can set 1440p editing a config file with the correct resolution numbers.

See how in this post:


@Velonex before the game launcher loads -> go to Environment settings than click -> Screen (2nd tab) & edit your screen load out that best fits with your monitor, what i use PC xbox. Happy Hunting! 🕶