So, following about 12 hours of playing I wanted to contribute some feedback.

These are in no particular order and are largely consistently present observations, and bare in mind all of these happened on an Xbox One S (Digital Only), standard settings/specs, 1080p, hard line connection with at least 40up/down.

1.) --------------- When approaching an Emergency Code for auxiliary protection, the kind lady will yell out something to the effect of "Heads up <name>! Their auxiliary is under attack!" Even if it was mine it always says their; not sure if this is just a blanket message for all who get the event, but thought I'd mention it.

2.) --------------- This one just simply occurs from the controller powering down while being idle, during Mouse & Keyboard use. I wasn't sure if it was avoidable, and was too scared to try to close the game and reopen it with the controller off or something. So this may just be my ignorance, but, wanted to bring it up. If I start the game with Controller, it seems like I can't let it power off without getting this message:

'Connection to the current controller has been lost Note: If a different controller and profile is changed, you will be returned to the title screen.'

3.) --------------- When looting Meseta, the number and word are clumped together. "Obtained 160Meseta."

** Also, this happens on Emergency Code reward messages too if I remember correctly with one of the two texts, either EXP or Meseta.

4.) --------------- When loading an area, the text at the top shows as something like "Wopal CoastalArea 2", smooshed together like the Meseta, instead of "Wopal Coastal - Area 2"or "Wopal Coastal Area 2"

5.) --------------- I unfortunately don't recall where the menu was, and am unable to find it now. It was either one of the Item Grinding, or Collection File images still was in Japanese at the time.

6.) --------------- There is an apostrophe missing on the drink cancellation message following the drink name. "Photon Drink ZX s effect has worn off."

7.) --------------- Varder's UQ Alert Message has a bit of a type in the front bit, in my opinion. "We are currently a large scale operation" "We are currently a large-scale operation for all ARKS ops to fight enemies in Lilipa - Underground Shafts"

8.) --------------- Speaking of Varder, in the same vein as the Meseta and Zone Names "MegazookaBigVarder" I'm not sure if other enemies are like that and I missed them.

9.) --------------- Occasionally the text wrap just starts a new line a few characters in, seemingly in the middle of a sentence? Happens during pop-up messages for Emergency Codes or something of the like, not sure if it does it in player conversation.

10.) --------------- During generic gameplay, whether the system load would in theory be high or low, my game would occasionally freeze for a split second, then come back to. During this time no inputs would go through. It did happen seemingly more often during heavy fighting, but I can't say for sure.

11.) --------------- Specifically during Cradle of Darkness Urgent Quest when the big Purple Turtle (I don't remember the enemy's name, so hopefully this works, but he's Red if rare too) dies, my audio would start going in and out for about 5-10 seconds.

12.) --------------- And one last small aside. During the launch, I was in the second tutorial quest where you're with Zeno. The lag was intensive enough that nothing was spawning, and my map would not load. However, it let me run through the area unphased. Until the game loaded, then I was stuck between a white barrier and an invisible wall.

It's a super niche issue, but figured I'd mention it as well.

13.) --------------- A few things gave me issues with getting it to take credit.

The Mission to speak to the Daily Orders woman gave me some issues. Had to relog to get it to trigger, but some teammates were complaining as well. Similarly, the Casino Client Order for Beating Nyau in Black Nyack required a similar fix. And then finally the Talk to Dudu/Monica "about weapons" I believe it was, for one of Jean's Client Orders required a relog as well.

Hopefully I phrased this all well enough to be usable. If I come across or remember anything else I will try to remember to edit this page. Thank you for all you guys are doing, and bringing this to NA. As much as I've enjoyed playing JP since CBT, I'm looking forward to NA.