50 million problems already at launch and not a single reply from microsoft/sega.

this game is a port from 8 years ago, all they had to do was translate it. The fact that its riddles with bugs alreadyy and doesnt even have proper controller support is bullshit. Im not going out and spending 80 bucks on an xbox remote when i have a perfectly good ps4 remote that works with literally every single other game. Free to play, unless you have a ps4 remote than ur fucked.

i'm assuming their limited GM team is working tirelessly right now to deal with all the launch issues. based on the fact that only one or two GMs post on these forums at all, I don't think their team is very big.

Have you tried DS4 Windows to make the PS4 controller work?

yep, and scp toolkit. does nothing. cant even open the game anymore for some reason so its forcing me to reinstall....and even then i doubt it will help.

Also @niko2172 considering its months later from xbox release and again, its aport from 2012...there is no excuse as to why they fucked it up so bad. Thankfully its free to play, if i dished out 60-80 bucks on this just for it to be unplayable i would be 20x more pissed.

I would recommend that all PC players not spend money or select a server until we know there won't be a fresh home.

also this game doesnt even support 1080p???? like for some reason the max i can get is 720....when i know for a fact i play every other game i own in 1080p....

Virtual full screen mode greys out the screen size because it will just use your native resolution. Which is probably 1080p.

cant even tell you cuz its been an hour i cant log into the game. I click to open pso2 and nothing happens....so im forced to uninstall/reinstall which takes forever even though i have a 400 Mbit connection.