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@Velkerath So after spending a few hours trying to figure out how to actually get this game to work. (gave up trying to do this because didnt care enough) I found this here from another forum

"" C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Mutable\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j

Those are the pathways for 3 folders that has the game, one of them can be accessed by you(First one), but the two others are locked by window store's premissions, but that can be changed back to you by using right click on them then properties. You can then change the owner under security tab and advanced, you add your name in the writing box and find name, yours will pop up, you select it then you apply the changes. Once that is done, you can now delete those files. The reason of this is because window store made everything unmodificable, so they are the one that will do update to the game which is the case for most games in window store and such hence why all permissions are usually under "TrustedInstaller", although, Saga made the game with a personal launcher and patcher, hence the patcher see himself in 3 different folders, he will add every file to every folder he sees. In short, that is a poor concept from both Microsoft and Saga. In short, the fix for Saga that they would do is that their dedicated updater would only apply all changes to one folder, the first one in the list above while microsoft moves their main pathway to that first one while deleting the two others off the user's computer. ""

Hopefully this will help you "uninstall" this game. Dont forget to check MUTABLE BACKUP This fucking folder was ANOTHER WHOLE GAME AGAIN So in total for me this game had about 250GB of space.

Oh also you might need to give yourself Permission for every folder. To actually delete them.

Here are the links to everything I found to help me deal with this problem.

Check pages 5 and 6 i believe it was for all the details for getting permission and other things https://forum.pso2.com/topic/2669/game-won-t-start-after-gameguard/83?lang=en-US&page=6

Pretty sure this is what someone right above us posted to help delete this game. https://www.reddit.com/r/PSO2/comments/grim8e/troubleshooting_if_your_launcher_does_nothing_or/

This might help in a way. https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxinsiders/comments/c1qvvj/cant_uninstall_a_game_from_the_xbox_beta_app_for/

Thanks for the info. Whats been pissing me off is it wouldnt launch because it cant find: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Mutable\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j Which it doesn't seem to exist on my pc. Now I had this game working fine for 2 days it crashed then all the errors started. Well here we go with me luck!

What does one do when the modifiable windows apps folder is empty? I've gotten rid of the mutable backup and the mutable folders but the modifiable windows apps was just....vacuous. Devoid of any content in the folder. These issues are starting to get on my nerves as I cannot even uninstall the game.

@KC-Saber7744 im having this same issue, the folders are empty, i cannot find anymore "data" or "files" on pso2, but somehow im still short ~120GB worth of space, where is all of it lol

@PremedMetal196 I know I had installed it on my D drive in stead of C. I'm going to check there and circle back around in case nothing works.

@Broat5258 thanks for the info summary! I was able to slay that dragon, cancer. 😁

@Broat5258 THANK YOU! YOU HAVE SHOWN ME THE PATH TO SALVATION! I spent a week trying to get rid of the files and it was slowing down my pc so much that I was afraid I have to factory reset. also due to shit Microsoft store download quality some to eventually all my pso2 data was corrupted. which explains 60% of my problems. also, I'm happy Alienware has a software fixer when you spam f12 during boot up, helped out a lot there too.

@Broat5258 For whatever reason, this method isn't working to get the game off my hard drive. I've fixed permissions but I still can't remove it from my secondary HDD. I just want my hard drive space back so I can play games that actually work again.

Same here, where is my HD space?

what a nightmare of a game. definitely wish i looked deeper before i infected my computer with this aids


for gaining permission to view/delete files in windowsapp folder... took me a while to find this so i thought i would share with everyone

this video that i saw {https://youtu.be/N4hsCZ3pigk} helped alot, after i downloaded the game using the tweaker, used the second link to make the game work,and did what it said afterwards i got back my storage,though it does take a long while.

God damnit, fuck this game. I'm having the same trouble, taking me literally hours to take ownership of all the files and folders.

Just ran into this issue, problem is the app no longer has any data left, so it's broken to a point that nothing can be done.