errors everywhere

error while updating, 140, error at restarting 1813 error when all the permissions are fixed "can't find vivoxcrap" microsoft please delete microsoft store.

and now can't even open the launcher and see if the vivoxdumbthing is fixed 😕

Microsoft store is honestly a terrible platform to host the game. It's too susceptible to the most minor of microsoft technical annoyances and only works if you have almost the EXACT image of windows they want. If they just uploaded an executable on this website I guarantee you there would be significantly less errors than I'm seeing on these technical issues forums today.

@tryagainerror or even the xbox game pass platform dude they can set the game there FREE and you will not get those annoying 536159316531975691356165793615916395631756375613756315 permissions errors bah.. back to JP

jp is 1million times better anyway so leme go my ass back to ship 2

now i can't even re-download it fron the crapsoft store

i cant even un install the damn thing

honestly. i knew this was gona be a shit show... this is actually rediculious and microsoft hasnt said a word

Billy should shoot out more money for a better support and puplishing ... sry but this is just bullshit!!!

something intresting just happened. apparently the game was uninstalling for a long long time.... and i didnt know it i just assumed it wasnt working.. either that or it all of a sudden worked... but i closed the game services taslk in the task manager and then opened the launcher then it opened and started updating... again... then it literally dissapeared along with all the game files and the desktop icon... i GUESS ill try to install again... dunno why but im bored