DONT Download... Harddisk space isnt comming back!!!

Hi, first.... the whol thing is messed up as fuck. you can't download the game even if you change region and so on. 2nd. i see posts that the used storrage of space on your hard disk wont come back. So don't download the game. If you get an error for just trying to download the game, even then there is a little bit of space lost.

pso2 Support. How in the World will you fix this? Oo we waited for 8 years and know we lose our harddrive space for ever cuz we cant delete the files? I dont know but i think a Steam release would be a better option.

@TbnExotia how did you remove the game?

If you used then MS Store app, it probably just removed the installer without deleting everything else.

i coulnd even download the game in the store but look the foren topics. its full of this problem.

The drive space can be reclaimed, but if you haven't had this particular problem it would be better for someone else to make the thread so any troubleshooting that does work can be recorded.