Intaled on the D partition but is updating on the C - Besides error 1813...

I've downloaded the game on the D partition, and he is updating on the C partition, it took 3GB from there before I canceled, my C partition is a smal SSD just for windows it does not have free space, tryied to unistall the game but only the files of the D partition was removed!

i think i fixed it for myself, in search go to storage, in storage, change where new content is saved, then change where new apps will save to, and move or reinstall the app afterward.

@BloodKitten28 how u fixed error 1813???

I didn't fix i got that error after the game filled the rest of my ssd, I've unistaled and intlled again, and the laucher worked, BloodKitten28 I've did that already but did not work!